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Commission Designs: Products
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Custom Dice Commissions

GrimStylesArt custom dice price list:

Single D20 : $99

Single D6 : $45

Full set of 7: $350

Choose front : (Gothic, Runic)

Waiting period is now 4 month max after payment on invoice. When i start casting your dice, i'll send you images and videos of the colors, if for any reason the color isn't to your liking i will redo it until it comes out in a way you like. 

Dice that don't match your color preferences will be placed for sale as readymades on patreon and Instagram, so you don't have to worry about your color tests going to waste.

You choose:

1. Transparent die color / Wisp for shell

2. Swirl color center / Inclusion

3. Ink color for numbers or leave unpainted

Dice Time scale : 

Step 1 : Concept and Design (1 week)

Step 2 : Casting (1 week)

Step 3 : Color check (Redo step 2 if color is off)

Step 4 : Curing (1 week)

Step 5 : Paint (1 week)

Step 6 : Polish (1 week)

Step 7 : Shipping! 

Here is my current commissions info. I like to workshop designs and Ideas so let me know what style you're thinking of. Please just send me any questions or crazy ideas, the sky's the limit!

I have a patreon!

I run monthly contests to win free dice!

I post all ready made dice for sale there first, then the ones that don’t sell go up on Instagram.

My top tier 25$ patreons earn a 30$ discount on a commission each month they are subscribed which you can build up over time.

Commission Designs: About
Hand Writing

Availible Fonts

Below are the current font's and availability

Commission Designs: Products

Gothic Font

Flagship font for Grim Styles Art

Available in :

  •  Full standard set of 7

  • 20mm D20 Featuring Logo on 20 side, and Gear around 1 side

  • 25% larger than standard D4

  • D12 Numbered 1-4 (x3) In D4 size and D12 Size

Set of dice with the Gothic font

Runic Font

Runic : Font featuring Nordic Elder Futhark Runes
All runic dice come with a trading card size identifier which names and numbers the runes according to industry standard numbering
Available in :
Full standard Set of 7

Set of dice with Runic font

Arcana Font

Arcana : Font by Arcana-Cast on Instagram
Available in :
Full standard Set of 7

A d20 with the Arcana font
Green Pattern

Dice Designs

Here are the current available styles available for commission, Simply complete the form below to place a commission or message me directly on Instagram, or Email.

Commission Designs: Features

Liquid Core

A solid resin shell encasing a glass orb that has been sealed and filled with a mixture of :
Mica Powder, Pearl Powder, Alcohol, Distilled Water, Glycerin, and Witchcraft

Hand Painted Inclusion

A small 3d printed inclusion that has been molded and cast in the same resin that the dice are made with to subvert balance issues.

Wisp Shell

A solid color “Wisp” is made with a variety of materials to achieve an ephemeral look. 
This style can be done in the shell of solid dice, inclusion dice, and liquid core dice.

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